AWS Executive Conversations: Evolving R&D

February 12, 2021

TetraScience President and CTO, Spin Wang, discussed industry trends shaping life sciences R&D with Jared Saul, AWS Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Startup Business. 

The conversation focuses on major industry trends shaping R&D processes in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, the complex data lifecycle inherent to R&D, and what does the “Lab of the Future” actually mean. 

Read the entire conversation on the AWS for Industries: Executive Conversations blog.

AWS for Industries: Executive Conversations blog is a series of conversations held with innovators progressing disruptive technologies in their respective industries, with a focus on discovery, ingenuity, and contributions to healthcare and life sciences. 

Highlights from the blog include: 

  • Transformative solutions and a community-driven data ecosystem are fostering innovation
  • The "three pillars" of TetraScience: data-centric solution, cloud-native approach, and life sciences R&D focus
  • Ever-evolving security and compliance regulations and their impact on R&D

AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences focuses on collaboration with life sciences organizations around the globe to increase the pace of innovation, accelerate development timelines, and ultimately improve outcomes. TetraScience remains committed to our close partnership with AWS and appreciates having our story highlighted.