Simplifying data journey monitoring with easy-to-use dashboard tools

January 12, 2024
Mike Burke

The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud helps biopharma enterprises reach industrial-scale data transformation. The volume of data in these systems is staggering. One global biopharma standardized and onboarded 17 million files, from 107 pipelines, across 13 departments, in just 9 months with TetraScience. Tracking where this data is coming from and where it’s going can be a massive challenge. That’s why our team is excited to publish a new set of file lineage tools called File Journey, as part of our Tetra Data Platform v3.6 release.

Confirm your data’s status with a few clicks

File Journey is a suite of monitoring tools that help platform administrators ensure every file processing step is being performed correctly throughout the data journey—from creation within an instrument, through file processing within the Tetra Data Platform (TDP). Admins can now easily perform quality control on thousands of files and pipelines with a few clicks. Additionally, the simple dashboard interface helps make proving traceability, accountability, and data integrity a quick and painless process.

How to find your file info with File Journey

The File Journey can be accessed within TDP through the “Health Monitoring” button in the admin navigation.

Health Monitoring dashboard access

Within the Health Monitoring dashboard, users can view file ingestion details under the “Integration Events” tab. There, they can find descriptions of where the file is located, whether the file was scanned, whether the upload has started, and whether the upload has been completed.

Integration Events tab

Once a file has been uploaded into TDP, admins can see file details under the “File Info” tab. This includes when the file was uploaded, the source type and name, file size and category, etc. Additionally, users can see what pipelines were triggered by the file’s ingestion. This combination of monitoring tools allows admins to oversee and track huge numbers of files, confirm their status and location quickly, and verify that the correct data engineering processes have been triggered.

File Info tab

The File Journey also contains an “Event Timeline” tab for each file. These intuitive charts automatically display every file action in chronological order, providing a clear and simple audit trail for every file, throughout its lifecycle, across the entire enterprise.

Events Timeline tab

Building trust (via verification)

The Tetra Data Platform helps admins responsible for industrial-level data transformations build trust with internal stakeholders and simplify compliance processes by providing easy-to-use tools that ensure each step of the file path is executed appropriately, documented, and attributed. If you’d like to see how the File Journey can help your team, contact one of our experts today.

If you’re interested in other new features released with Tetra Data Platform v3.6, you can read about our self-service pipelines and our multi-byte character support.

Need help with your File Journey?

TetraU provides in-depth training for the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud, including our new TDP v3.6 features. Check out TetraU for workshops and training content developed by the data and life science experts at TetraScience.