Tetra Data is the atomic building block of Scientific AI

Transforming your scientific data—currently trapped in vendor silos and in proprietary and/or unstructured formats—into your most valuable corporate asset: AI-native data.

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What is Tetra Data?

Tetra Data is your fully transformed data and the atomic building block of Scientific AI.

Tetra Data is designed and manufactured in the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud via a highly sophisticated data engineering process in which raw scientific data is transformed into the customer's AI-native data.

This scientific data industrialization process transforms static, subscale, proprietary, and/or unstructured data contained in vendor-specific silos, into liquid, large-scale, engineered, and compliant data.

AI-native Tetra Data—comprising scientific taxonomies and ontologies—revolutionizes lab management, scientific use cases, CMC, and biopharma and CxO collaboration.

Transform raw data into AI-native data

Raw data

Vendor-specific | No AI utility

Vendor silos represent a subset of customer data, inhibiting scale   

Vendor-specific formats and/or unstructured data limit data engineering

Vendor silos, raw data, and legacy stacks limit data liquidity

Vendor data silos serve as structural impediments to Scientific AI

Replatformed data

Centralized in the cloud | Precondition for data engineering

Liberated from silos, now unified in the cloud

Compliant, traceable, with full data integrity

Contextualized for scientific use cases

Includes meaningful, AI-relevant metadata

Engineered data

Sophisticated data engineering | AI-native data | AKA Tetra Data

Transformed into a harmonized, open, vendor-agnostic format

Sophisticated scientific taxonomy and ontology design

Contextualized to enable real world scientific use cases

Industrialized scientific data scale as foundation for Scientific AI

Tetra X Data

Shareable and extensible | Fuels data scale, liquidity, and context

Collaborative and extensible AI-native scientific data

Shareable across CROs, CDMOs, and other critical partners

Unprecedented data liquidity fuels even greater data scale

Liquid and collaborative AI-native data yields transformational outcomes

Tetra AI

Scientific expertise | Data engineering | AI  

The world's only open, purpose-built, and collaborative scientific data and AI cloud

Uniquely combining deep expertise in science, data engineering, and AI

End-to-end scientific data workflows spanning scientific use cases and modern data and AI stacks

Industrializing large-scale, liquid, engineered, and compliant scientific datasets combined with AI to produce transformational outcomes

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We are glad to have TetraScience as our partner for large-scale onboarding of new lab data sources. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with TetraScience as we make progress on the AI journey.

Dmitriy Ryaboy
VP of AI Enablement

TetraScience is the core platform for our scientific data and a real differentiator and accelerator to our business.

Bryan Holmes
Vice President Digital & Technical Solutions