Bioprocessing Purification

Accelerate and improve bioprocessing purification

Discover how to streamline downstream purification of biologics


faster time to insight

2.5 FTEs

reallocated to higher-value scientific activities

AI-native data

for process optimization

Automated processes

Connect all data sources and targets seamlessly, boosting speed and data quality

Enriched data

Discover how CPPs impact CQAs to provide process intelligence on sources of variability

Ready for AI

Use advanced analytics and AI to generate higher-quality biologics in less time

Labor-intensive processes

Manually aggregating and comparing chromatograms is slow and error prone

Fragmented data

Correlating critical quality attributes (CQAs) with critical process parameters (CPPs) is difficult

Dead-end data sets

Data is unfit for analytics on continuous and discrete data for each batch and time point

Unlock the full value of your purification data

Data integration

Collect and centralize data from FPLC software

Data science

Explore purification data with visualization and analytics tools for insights


Contextualize and harmonize the data for search and analytics/AI


Use AI to improve purification methods and predict issues

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Accelerating bioprocessing purification at Alexion

Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease, needed a technology partner to streamline a bioprocessing purification workflow so it could advance its analytics capabilities and transform the lives of patients with rare diseases.