Benefits for Development Leaders

Fast-track drug development

Therapeutics development is complex, long, and costly. Disconnected processes and siloed data across the organization and CDMOs inhibits collaboration and informed decision making. Streamline and accelerate preclinical studies, formulation development, and CMC processes by 50% with Scientific AI.

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Propel the pipeline

Simplify data workflows in drug development with integrated, outcomes-driven processes

Power high-ROI use cases with a scalable data and AI cloud, driven by Tetra Catalysts

Optimize drug safety, efficacy, and stability with predictive modeling

Maximize lab productivity

Focus on outcomes by freeing over 50% of scientists' time from manual data processes

Never again repeat experiments because of inaccessible, corrupted, or lost data

Reduce operational costs and bottlenecks in the lab by optimizing asset utilization

Optimize outcomes

Cut wet lab experiments by 50% by leveraging large-scale, purpose-engineered data for Scientific AI

Generate reports and dossiers 20% faster with higher accuracy through automated data workflows

Streamline tech transfer internally and externally (with CDMOs) by enhancing data liquidity and traceability

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Learn how to transform your scientific data into AI-based outcomes.

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We are glad to have TetraScience as our partner for large-scale onboarding of new lab data sources. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with TetraScience as we make progress on the AI journey.

Dmitriy Ryaboy
VP of AI Enablement

TetraScience is the core platform for our scientific data and a real differentiator and accelerator to our business.

Bryan Holmes
Vice President Digital & Technical Solutions