Data Engineering

Engineer your scientific data for analytics and AI 

Raw scientific data, siloed and locked into vendor-proprietary formats, provides little value to your organization. TetraScience transforms your raw data into purpose-engineered, liquid, compliant, and large-scale data, which is optimized for advanced analytics and AI/ML applications.

Transform raw, scientific data into Tetra Data

Streamline data preparation for analytics and AI and automatically convert your scientific raw data into Tetra Data. Benefit from our deep, long-term expertise in scientific data and best practices in purpose-engineering data for science.

What defines Tetra Data?

Tetra Data is the essential, atomic building block for capitalizing on the power of analytics and AI for science.


Ensure data integrity and traceability of your datasets. Get audit trails and versioning for full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP regulations and guidelines.


Break free from proprietary data formats. Harmonize data with Tetra Data—an open, vendor-agnostic, and AI-ready format complete with robust scientific taxonomies and rich ontologies.


Transform static, inaccessible, and siloed data into liquid data. Enable your data to flow seamlessly across instruments, applications, departments, and organizations.


Bring siloed data together into the large-scale datasets needed for meaningful AI-driven insights. 

Build on a scientific lakehouse architecture

Natively support AWS Athena, Redshift, and Snowflake. Leverage the Delta Lakehouse architecture, which provides a foundation for Databricks and other data analytics and processing solutions of your choice. Support multi-modal data consumption ranging from data discovery and analytics to high-performance computing and AI-model training. 

Designed for enterprises

Consistent data governance for both raw and engineered data

Combine the capabilities of a data lake, a data warehouse, and more through a data lakehouse architecture that can handle raw, complex, semi-structured, and unstructured data assets. Benefit from a holistic solution to enforce consistent data governance.

No data duplication and federated data access

Avoid data redundancy and enable seamless data access across multiple domains within an enterprise. Use your existing enterprise data platform and warehouse and incorporate the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud seamlessly without data duplication or tedious ETL.

Explore resources

Find the latest Tetra Data models

We are continuously adding and updating data models. See a list of current data models and upcoming releases. 

Optimize resources with harmonized data

Discover how you can improve utilization of lab resources by harmonizing scientific data with the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud.

Speed time to insight

Read how a global biopharma eliminated the time-consuming work of cleansing data received from multiple contract research organizations (CROs) by automatically harmonizing data with the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud.

Ready to start your AI data journey?

Find out what you need to embark on your AI journey and how to reach your goals faster.

Discuss your use case

We are glad to have TetraScience as our partner for large-scale onboarding of new lab data sources. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with TetraScience as we make progress on the AI journey.

Dmitriy Ryaboy
VP of AI Enablement

TetraScience is the core platform for our scientific data and a real differentiator and accelerator to our business.

Bryan Holmes
Vice President Digital & Technical Solutions