Accelerate and improve high-performance liquid chromatography

Discover how to optimize separation methods in less time


faster method development

Thousands of hours

per year repurposed

AI-native data

for predictive modeling

Automated processes

Connect all data sources and targets seamlessly, boosting speed and data quality

Centralized, enriched data

Find previous results fast with easily searchable data and avoid repeating experiments

Ready for AI

Explore a wide range of chromatography parameters in silico and accelerate development

Labor-intensive processes

Manual data handling and transcription is slow and error prone

Inaccessible historical data

Scientists are 7x more likely to repeat experiments if past data is not accessible

Dead-end data sets

Proprietary data formats prevent comparing runs from different systems and users

Unlock the full value of your chromatography data


Collect and centralize data from all HPLC runs, regardless of instrument


Compare chromatography data with visualization and analytics tools for insights


Contextualize and harmonize the data for search and analytics/AI


Use AI/ML to predict optimal conditions, slashing development time

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Liquid chromatography meets liquid data

See how the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud helps derive more value from chromatography data. With a system suitability dashboard powered by the platform, you can quickly identify instrument issues and avoid misleading experimental results.