Unlock the full value of all your scientific data

Accelerate and improve scientific outcomes with the R&D Data Cloud

All of your instrument and scientific data in one place and harmonized in the cloud.
Open.   FAIR.   Compliant.   Accessible.   Liquid.   Searchable.   Actionable.

Scientific data holds the power to fuel innovation, provide insights through advanced analytics and AI/ML, and drive outcomes that improve human life.

Power Innovation

Accelerate drug discovery and delivery with actionable data, prepared for visualizations, advanced analytics, and AI/ML.

Extract knowledge from data to identify new research directions and opportunities, speed time to insight, and decrease time to market.

Simplify Data Management

Search and query scientific content using enriched, harmonized data from multiple sources and proprietary vendor formats.

Collaborate across your organization, external partners, and distributed research networks in a secure and compliant environment.

Accelerate Time to Market

Focus on outcomes by leveraging hundreds of productized, configurable integrations with instruments and informatics applications.

Scale with ease to address evolving business needs, increasing volumes of data, and new technologies.

Tetra Data Platform is the life sciences industry's only data-centric, enterprise-grade platform purpose built to provide scientific labs with flexible, scalable, and universal access to harmonized, compliant, liquid, and actionable data needed to fuel scientific outcomes.

The Tetra Partner Network is the global community of life sciences technology providers who are dedicated to unlocking the power of pharmaceutical R&D data to accelerate the delivery of life-changing therapies to patients.

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Many tasks that once took hours are now completed in seconds
William Gown MacDonald
Senior Research Scientist, Prelude Therapeutics

A new approach to building a data-centric Lab of the Future is emerging.

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Learn how you can accelerate and improve scientific outcomes with the Tetra R&D Data Cloud.

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