Better science through data.

We provide a data platform to automate data integration amongst your lab and CROs/CMOs using a centralized, standardized data lake.

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What is TetraScience?

We are a software company whose products help customers do three things:

  • Collect scientific data from different sources
  • Centralize and standardize scientific data into a single, cloud-based repository
  • Automate data flows to various destinations and uses

Operational Insights

Monitor your most important equipment. Monitor each parameter, store data, and send alerts when they deviate.


Lab Monitoring


Optimize your lab resources and streamline projects with a scheduling solution that is purpose-built for the lab.


Lab Scheduling


Resources for Data Strategy and Digital Transformation

Check out our educational materials to help guide your lab’s data strategy and digital transformation if you’re an executive, scientist, or IT professional.

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Digital Biotech

Biotechs develop medicines in fundamentally different ways today than 20 years ago. The approach is more data-driven, agile, and collaborative. TetraScience is proud to sponsor the Digital Biotech community where we spotlight folks building, running and working at Digital Biotechs. Visit the website at and listen to the weekly podcast.

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We partner with industry and technology leaders


Consortiums, instrument manufacturers, software vendors. We partner with many great organizations in order to give you an ecosystem of integrations that provide the most value to your organization. Are you interested in becoming a partner?



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