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Our demos are tailored to your applications and workflows across research, development, manufacturing, and QA/QC.

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Benefits for IT

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Data across instruments and applications


Metadata context to enable search


Vendor-proprietary data formats


Tetra Data to your informatics and analytics applications

Benefits for Scientists


Data quickly using context


Manual processes


Use case efficiency


Regulatory compliance

Our Customers Maximize the Full Value of Their Scientific Data

15 of the top 25 biopharma companies use the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud to accelerate their digital lab journey.

60% reduction in manual data intervention
Throughput and
productivity gain
103 to 148 experiments per scientists per year
10 days
to 10 min
Faster development: reduce tasks with cloud-based data analysis

Tetra Partner Network

Tetra Partner Network is the largest integrated ecosystem of lab instruments, informatics applications, CRO/CDMOs, analytics, and data science partners.

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Mettler Toledo

Frequently asked questions about our demos

What happens after I submit the form to request a demo?

We will contact you to confirm your request, gather your requirements and schedule your demo with a solutions architect.

How long is a typical demo?

Our demos are on average 90 minutes. Let us know if you have any specific requests or requirements, and we can figure out the perfect length for the demo.

Who should attend the demo?

Individuals involved in informatics including bench & data scientists, data engineers, IT, and digital transformation within R&D, manufacturing and QA/QC will find our demo valuable.

What will the solutions architect cover in the demo?

They will cover an architectural overview of the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud, and demonstration of data ingestion, automated metadata tagging, harmonization to a common JSON data schema, and downstream data accessibility in the platform.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the demo?

No. You don't need to formally prepare anything. During our call, we'll ask you questions to gain insight into your existing informatics infrastructure (ELN, LIMS, visualization/analytics tools), high-value data sources (instruments, IoT devices, etc.), and your strategy moving forward.

What happens after a demo?

If strategic alignment is identified, TetraScience works with you to further scope a specific use case. This scoping includes, but isn’t limited to currently supported lab instrumentation and informatics software and whiteboard/architecture sessions to design a solution. Also, we would be happy to use some of your sample files in the demonstration if possible!