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Supercharge Scientific AI

Meeting your organization’s need for impactful Scientific AI models is impossible in the absence of large-scale, liquid, and well-engineered datasets.

Automate the transformation of your data and accelerate data-driven insights to fuel AI breakthroughs.

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Lay the foundation for Scientific AI

Optimize your data strategy for scientific outcomes with the industry's only purpose-built solution

Enable a future-proof ecosystem that leverages scientific data for AI across the value chain

Build a scalable and compliant architecture to automatically transform raw scientific data into AI-native data

Enable AI-driven scientific outcomes

Identify and onboard scientific use cases with the highest impact using AI

Adopt industry best practices for your scientific data architecture to mitigate risks and accelerate success of AI

Boost data workflow efficiency by orders of magnitude in R&D, QA/QC, and manufacturing

Clear the path to AI readiness

Streamline data collection and engineering with robust, productized integrations and data pipelines

Enable your data for Scientific AI with actionable content and demonstrate tangible value

Assemble large-scale, liquid, engineered, and compliant datasets to feed AI models and drive strategic decision making

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Learn how to transform your scientific data into AI-based outcomes.

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We are glad to have TetraScience as our partner for large-scale onboarding of new lab data sources. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with TetraScience as we make progress on the AI journey.

Dmitriy Ryaboy
VP of AI Enablement

TetraScience is the core platform for our scientific data and a real differentiator and accelerator to our business.

Bryan Holmes
Vice President Digital & Technical Solutions