Data Replatforming

Collect, centralize, and contextualize all your scientific data

Take the first, essential steps in your scientific AI journey. Automatically assemble and move your scientific data into a centralized, purpose-built cloud and automate the data flow to any applications of your choice. All with the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud.

The paradigm shift in scientific data management

The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud provides you with all the core functionalities you need from traditional Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)—and more. It transforms your data into the atomic building blocks for Scientific AI: AI-native Tetra Data. 

Solve your immediate need for lab connectivity and data management today and build the foundation to Scientific AI with a paradigm shift in scientific data management and analysis.

Benefits of Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud vs. Traditional SDMS

Traditional Scientific Data Management
Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud
Reduce total cost of ownership, provide scalability and support compute intensive workloads for analytics, AI, and ML
Engineered data and lakehouse
Obtain scientific insights through large-scale and engineered datasets in multi-modal analysis
End-point oriented and vendor specific
Data centric and vendor agnostic
Avoid data silos and vendor lock-in, build a foundation of AI and analytics with data liquidity
Inline data processing extracting limited information
Event-driven data processing and engineering
Gain efficiency through flexible, customizable on-demand data processing and information extraction
Data and analysis disjointed with manual data movement
Colocated data and applications in a data workspace
Improve scientific productivity with seamless access to data and a growing ecosystem of data applications
Single-company centric
Collaborative and multi-company
Collaborate across the ecosystem of partners with liquid data in a secure manner
Scientific data management as an end state
Foundation and onramp for analytics and AI
Enable analytics and AI while fulfilling immediate connectivity and compliance needs

Automate your scientific data assembly in the cloud


Automate the collection of data from scientific instruments, informatics applications, analysis software, and partners.

Leverage industrialized integrations for a growing set of data sources and targets.

Avoid a time- and resource-consuming do-it-yourself approach.


Eliminate inaccessible data silos and assemble large-scale datasets.

Replatform your scientific data into a centralized, single source of truth.

Publish data directly to data consumers and easily reuse it for gaining insights.


Automatically extract essential metadata and enrich your scientific data.

Use scientifically relevant metadata to easily search and retrieve your data.

Enable meaningful analytics and AI. 


Ensure high data quality, maintain data integrity and traceability.

Streamline efforts to comply with regulations like 21 CFR Part 11 and adhere to GxP guidelines.

Use automation capabilities, validated and proven integrations, and extensive documentation.

Automate scientific workflows

Remove erroneous manual transcription, tedious data manipulation, and laborious data verification and review. Automate common scientific workflows while improving compliance and data integrity.

Design-make-test-analyze, all your scientific data replatformed

You are producing important scientific data at each step of your scientific research process. Collect the data produced during each and every step of the design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) cycle with the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud.

Link your data related to measurements, context, methods, and analysis, and prepare it for analytics and AI.

Most sophisticated and fastest growing library of integrations

Select examples of informatics application integrations

Select examples of instrument integrations

AGU Sm@rtLine Data Cockpit (SDC)

Mettler Toledo LabX

Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL Cell Counter


Beckman Coulter CytoFlex

ThermoFisher Scientific Chromeleon software

BMG LABTECH microplate readers

ThermoFisher Scientific Xcalibur software


Waters MassLynx MS software

HighRes Biosolutions Cellario

Waters Empower CDS (Watch webinar)

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We are glad to have TetraScience as our partner for large-scale onboarding of new lab data sources. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with TetraScience as we make progress on the AI journey.

Dmitriy Ryaboy
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TetraScience is the core platform for our scientific data and a real differentiator and accelerator to our business.

Bryan Holmes
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