Case Studies
Data Automation and Near Real-Time Data Capture

A Data-Centric Approach to Cancer Research

Case Study

Integrating lab instruments and informatics applications in a vendor-agnostic solution that moves data automatically across the pipeline helps to save scientists' time and improve data integrity.

Read this case study —  Instrument Data Lake and Automatic Experiment Data Entry into LIMS — to learn how Jounce Therapeutics leveraged the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) to take a data-centric approach to scientific discovery. 

 You will learn how TetraScience enabled Jounce to: 

  • Implement automated data capture and transfer 
  • Harmonize and centralize data in the cloud 
  • Improve scientific data integrity

TetraScience built data connectors to automatically extract data from instruments, parse it into a standardized format and upload it to the cloud. As a result, Jounce's scientists no longer had to spend time manually entering results in the laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Manual data collection and wrangling are prone to human error, which can compromise the integrity of data. Integration solutions that support different vendors ensure data integrity and are also more efficient & scalable.

Explore All the Benefits of Automated Data Transfer

Harmonized and centralized data has helped Jounce streamline processes and expedite the development of novel cancer therapeutics. Its scientists can now: 

  • Automatically capture, clean, format, and deliver data to the LIMS and biologics registry.
  • Find and access experimental data easily; for example, through queries in the instrument data lake.

To learn more about the benefits of automated data transfer with TetraScience, read the entire case study.

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