Tetra Data Platform

Connect your siloed digital lab ecosystem and harmonize your scientific data in the cloud

Cloud-native and built for science

  • End manual data collection and processing
  • Eliminate fragile point-to-point integrations
  • Stop struggling with inaccessible proprietary data
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Centralize FAIR scientific data in the cloud

Data collection


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Harmonize and automate


Collect data with productized integrations

Connect your entire lab by integrating your data sources and targets. Eliminate the need for fragile and costly point-to-point solutions.

Automatically collect and centralize data from thousands of different instruments and applications in the cloud. Remove manual data transfer and processing, simplify data access and ensure the integrity of your data.

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Enrich scientific raw data with metadata

Make your data meaningful with automated metadata enrichment and scientific context. Reuse your data across teams.

Find your data more quickly using scientific keywords and characteristics. Stop wasting time querying scattered data silos or repeating experiments.

Standardize data and harmonize content

Automatically standardize and curate data from multiple sources and formats. Automatically transform raw data into a vendor-agnostic format and harmonize the content through common taxonomies and ontologies. Eliminate the time and effort for data processing.

Gain insights from your scientific data visualizing, comparing, and reusing standardized and harmonized data that are automatically updated across applications. Leverage your processed data for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Tetra Data Platform

Platform Capabilities

Cloud-native infrastructure
Access centralized data in the cloud built upon AWS. Gain storage and processing scalability and enterprise-grade security. Leverage single sign on (SSO) and role-based user management and authentication.

Flexible data processing
Customize and configure your data processing through flexible pipelines that support your critical use cases and extend to new technologies and processes for future needs.

Powerful interface
Quickly configure and deploy new processes and technologies through a comprehensive programming API. Access, explore, and visualize your scientific data through a centralized search interface and SQL query.

End-to-end data liquidity
Span the entire scientific lifecycle from R&D through QA/QC and manufacturing to gain insights. Drive tech transfer, knowledge creation and scientific decision-making for increased productivity and faster time to market.

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