Multi-byte character support for Japanese language in workflows

November 9, 2023

Japan has one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. But as laboratories in Japan work to develop and manufacture new therapeutics for that market, many of the software applications used by scientists there are offered only in English. TetraScience wants to break that paradigm and also enable scientists in Japan to tap into the tremendous power of AI for biopharma. 

To support our global biopharma customers as they roll out the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud in Japan, TetraScience has added multi-byte character capabilities as part of the v3.6 release of the Tetra Data Platform. 

​​A multi-byte character comprises sequences of one or more bytes. Each byte sequence represents a single character in the extended character set. Multi-byte characters are used in character sets such as Kanji. 

“Many TetraScience customers are multinational organizations with global operations. Supporting multi-byte characters allows our customers in Japan to leverage advanced TetraScience capabilities to transform their scientific data into the AI-ready data they need to deliver unparalleled scientific outcomes,” says Simon Meffan-Main, chief customer officer for TetraScience. “This capability also reflects our commitments to deliver a purpose-built scientific data cloud and to continue meeting the needs of our customers.” 

Multi-byte character support in the platform allows users to: 

  1. Ingest data with multi-byte characters in the Tetra File-Log Agent’s folder path-level labels.
  2. Enrich scientific data with multi-byte characters in file labels.
  3. Add contextual metadata with multi-byte characters to platform components, including agent labels and connector labels.
  4. Search files that use multi-byte characters.
  5. Trigger pipelines using multi-byte characters.  

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Search files that use multi-byte characters.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Trigger pipelines using multi-byte characters.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Enrich scientific data with labels containing multi-byte characters.

Multi-byte character support on our TetraScience local agent installations (for example, agents for chromatography data systems and the path-level label on the installed File-Log Agent) will be available in subsequent agent releases. 

In the last two years, TetraScience has steadily expanded its global operations. Along with augmenting customer support and launching Tetra Catalysts, the introduction of multi-byte character support and multiple additional capabilities are empowering our global customers to maximize the value of their data so they can improve scientific outcomes, wherever their teams are located.

See how multi-byte character support empowers scientists to use Japanese language in their workflows in this demo video.

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