Semantic middleware: Servicing the Next Generation of AI

An interview with Gordon Hayden, Chief Growth Officer, Semantic Web Company.
May 22, 2023

We're delighted to share a recent interview with Gordon Hayden, Chief Growth Officer, Semantic Web Company.  Semantic Web is at the forefront of Semantic AI with its PoolParty suite - a very cool product name for a very cool product!

Please provide a brief overview of Semantic Web Company

We were founded in 2004 and have become a leader in graph-based metadata, search and analysis solutions.  Our premier product, PoolParty Semantic Suite.  We are experts in Semantic AI which is the fusion of Knowledge Graphs, NLP and Machine Learning.

We help biopharmaceutical customers develop and implement enterprise knowledge graphs, extract useful knowledge from large data sets, and integrate and link structured and unstructured data.

We also help organizations develop strategies that support the efficient introduction and implementation of innovative graph technologies. Semantic Web Company is headquartered in Austria, with offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany. 

How did you arrive at the name of PoolParty for your premier product?

When we started our software, we thought of a tool that could manage a knowledge pool with ease. And there were already the elements of our name, on the one hand, the term pool and on the other hand a term that says how the work with our tool should be - like a party at the water. And the name PoolParty was born. After so many years we are still happy with the name and we stay true to our approach of easiness and joy.

The work with our tool should be - like a party at the water.

What is the customer need/opportunity that your company solves?

A significant portion of the information that companies generate is stored as semi-structured data or text. Moreover, the data is rarely linked and is often managed in myriad data silos. This makes knowledge discovery and data analysis complicated and costly. PoolParty makes this information, available, linked, machine readable and usable.

How does your company solve these challenges?

PoolParty Semantic Suite is the most complete and advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market.

As a middleware, PoolParty serves as the powerful intermediary between customer data and applications so that customer knowledge models can continuously evolve in a stable, interconnected environment.

The PoolParty Semantic Suite leverages machine learning, language processing, and graph technologies to enrich enterprise data.

It uses innovative means to help organizations build and manage enterprise knowledge systems as a basis for their AI strategy.

Therefore, with PoolParty Semantic Suite you can automate many steps of data analysis, text mining and knowledge discovery. With our software, you create networked 360-degree views of your business objects, making the most of all your data.

Where has your company seen success?

PoolParty is strong in areas where unstructured data causes difficulty when companies are trying to find information. Analysts from many industries tell us that this can be up to 30% of an employee's time. This is also true, of course, in the Health and Pharmaceutical sectors where we have a number of success stories and achievements.

Companies such as Roche, HealthDirect Australia, NHS, Boehringer Ingelheim and Phillips are among Semantic Web Company’s customer base.

In addition, one of the top 20 Pharmaceutical companies worldwide recently successfully completed a project, adopting a Semantic approach to data management. Using PoolParty, the client took data coming from different sources and applications and combined this to allow the client to use their data to its full potential.  Another success story in the same field is related to a major Pharmaceutical company’s master data. They were struggling with it due to its rigidity and poor usability, but with the introduction of PoolParty, the master data has been turned into a graph-based data model, allowing the client to make the data easily searchable, analysable and editable.

All of these clients are using the power of Semantic AI which is the fusion of Knowledge Graphs, NLP and Machine Learning, to deliver on their business goals.

What’s the benefit of joining the Tetra Partner Network?

We see a huge benefit to biopharmaceutical companies and to our company.  Being able to feed Tetra Data into our platform will accelerate what can be achieved with PoolParty. 

So, by working together, we can accomplish much more than we could individually. 

I’m delighted to share that the market is already requesting this partnership. 

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