Ensuring a safe (and compliant) ride for your data

In this short instructional video, Dr. Mike Tarselli discusses how TetraScience approaches quality and compliance.

The colorful world of hot air balloons and the rigorous world of regulatory compliance aren’t often intertwined, but in this video TetraScience’s Mike Tarselli discusses how the preparation, testing, and validation efforts of one are a useful metaphor for the other.

Learn precisely how TetraScience utilizes a structured process for quality and compliance controls. This includes: 

  • A quality management system that determines if TetraScience can safely contain, hold, and manage data that is intended for GxP use downstream (ISO 9000)
  • A software development lifecycle that ensures our business operates both appropriately and ethically and enables us to build our cloud services in a standardized, repeatable way
  • A verification suite for function, unit, and downstream testing that ensures “fit for purpose” 
  • End-to-end use case testing where TetraScience runs data through simulations of field usage (GAMP 5)