White Paper

The data tenets of Pharma 4.0

In response to increasing demands on biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, many companies are looking toward “smart” factory, or Pharma 4.0, solutions. However, most biopharmas lack the data maturity to achieve smart factory capabilities.

The artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and enterprise interconnectivity that enable Pharma 4.0 principles cannot function without a data infrastructure that provides large-scale, liquid, purpose-engineered, and compliant data.

In this white paper, we review why data maturity is no longer an option for biopharmaceutical manufacturers and how the four data tenets of Pharma 4.0 enable data maturity, which enables manufacturing plant maturity. We then discuss precisely how mature data feeds into numerous smart factory use cases, including:

  • Optimized tech transfer
  • Collaborative data supersets
  • Advanced process controls
  • Continuous manufacturing
  • Continued process verification
  • Digital quality monitoring
  • Recursive data exchange
  • Real-time release testing
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance

If you want to know how TetraScience can help you achieve data maturity, contact our team or request a demo today.

White Paper
The data tenets of Pharma 4.0

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