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Case Study

Streamlined flow cytometry for antibody screening

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool to screen and optimize protein therapeutics. But the raw data is complex and requires preparation before downstream analysis. Performed manually, this process creates a bottleneck for high-throughput approaches.

Facing this challenge, a leading biopharma company looked to increase the throughput of its antibody screening method by streamlining the scientific data workflow.

Read the case study to learn how TetraScience helped this company achieve:

  • 25X faster data preparation, including gating and QC
  • Up to 48 hours saved per screen
  • Over 3X screening throughput by supporting a multiplexing approach
  • Higher-quality data, centralized and searchable in the cloud

The outcome was faster, better lead identification without increasing instrument footprint or personnel.

Case Study
Streamlined flow cytometry for antibody screening

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