Case Studies
Powering Prelude’s Discovery Platform

Powering Scientific Process Automation and Workflow Management

Case Study

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Prelude Therapeutics (PTx) deployed the Tetra Data Platform to eliminate manual data processing and accelerate scientific discoveries. 

This case study — Powering Prelude's Discovery Platform — describes: 

  • The challenges of manual collection, transfer, and manipulation of data for the integration of PTx instruments & software
  • The benefits of scientific process automation and workflow management with the Tetra Data Platform (TDP)

TetraScience built a cloud-based data processing solution to automate Tecan, Titian, Dotmatics, and PerkinElmer Envision workflows with upstream data science applications. Our vendor-agnostic integrations enabled scientists to access all of their instrument data, information of informatics software, and scientific data visualization in one place. No more need to move and update files from multiple locations. 


The Value of an Automated Scientific Data Workflow 

Learn how to reduce manual tasks by automating workflows, enabling scientists to focus on high-value activities like developing new cancer treatments.

Key success metrics include:

  • 1 hour per run saved for data aggregation
  • 3 FTEs shifted to higher-value work
  • 4x compounds screened per week
  • Centralized compound management

Learn more about the value of an automated scientific data workflow. Read the full case study.

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