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Prelude Therapeutics (PTx), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, approached TetraScience to upgrade a highly manual workflow. Scientists were moving raw data in .csv format to desktop computers from Envision plate readers and Tecan software, processing it locally, opening in GraphPad for analysis, and finally uploading the data to Dotmatics. In just under 7 months, TetraScience built a cloud-based data processing solution to automate Dotmatics, Tecan, Titian, and PerkinElmer Envision workflows with downstream data science applications. PTx now has direct access to a previously unconnected part of their instrument landscape.

Success Metrics

Prelude Therapeutic’s intense focus on oncology drug resistance requires an in-depth data strategy. Their discovery programs are focused on the identification of novel small-molecule inhibitors targeting key signaling and gene transcription pathway proteins. New data sources and targets can now easily be added to the Tetra Data Platform to support PTx’s discovery needs. By ensuring that scientists can tackle higher-value activities, PTx realizes higher data quality and increases efficiency at multiple levels within its Discovery Research operations. Going forward, the Tetra Data Platform will augment sample and high-throughput screening (HTS) databases, enabling - not hampering - new scientific discoveries.

Scheme 1 - Prelude's Manual Process in 2019

Scheme 2 - The Tetra-enabled Automated Process in 2020

Why Change and Re-Platform?

Many of PTx’s current datasets, while interrelated from a scientific perspective, were operationally independent of one another, indicating a need for centralization and harmonization. PTx’s scientists and informatics team relied heavily on the manual collection, transfer, and manipulation of data.


The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) ensures that that scientists at Prelude Therapeutics recover precious time to dedicate to higher-value activities. These benefits enable Dotmatics’ Informatics Suite, Tecan, and Titian’s Mosaic SampleBank processes to create value instead of costing scientists manual data processing time.

Prelude Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PRLD) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company designing and developing a pipeline of novel, orally-bioavailable, small-molecule therapeutics that target key drivers of cancer cell growth, survival and resistance. PTx treats emergent resistance resulting from primary resistance to the drug targets, acquired resistance through signaling pathway alterations, or alternative pathways that bypass a drug target’s primary mechanism of action.

Product Focus

Orally bioavailable, small molecule therapies targeting cancer cell growth, survival and resistance



Therapeutic Areas

Oncology, Advanced Solid Tumors & Hematologic Malignacies

“With the implementation of TetraScience TDP, Prelude’s Discovery platform has its scalability issues resolved. Many tasks that once took hours are now completed in seconds.  The transition to automated, cloud-based workflows has built efficiencies across multiple levels of Prelude’s Discovery organization and eliminated scalability barriers.”

William Gowen-MacDonald, Senior Research Scientist, Prelude Therapeutics

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