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Case Study

Creating "The Digital CDMO" with Andelyn Biosciences

When Andelyn Biosciences broke ground on two state-of-the-art gene therapy CDMO facilities, they needed the optimal scientific data strategy. They decided to create a “Connected Plant” by leveraging The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud™ across their entire enterprise.

Read this case study to learn how TetraScience and Andelyn successfully launched “The Connected Plant” where the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud:

  • Provides the data infrastructure, automation, and engineered data Andelyn requires to become “The Digital CDMO”
  • Lays the foundation for AI-enabled workflows
  • Powers an easy-to-use search for all assay data
  • Consolidated every independent data story across the scientific organization
  • Onboarded 100% of Andelyn’s legacy gene therapy data

Find out why Andelyn says “TetraScience is the cornerstone of 'The Connected Plant Strategy.'”

Case Study
Creating "The Digital CDMO" with Andelyn Biosciences

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