Connecting Science: How an open, collaborative network of life-science vendors is transforming biopharma

June 5, 2023

Collaboration is commonly the basis for scientific innovation. Collaboration between life science vendors is less common.

The success of the biopharmaceutical industry depends upon leveraging scientific knowledge derived from the best instrumentation and software available, which produce a multitude of disconnected data formats.  Biopharma customers are now demanding that the vendor industry work collaboratively to connect their scientific workflows.

This webinar will provide valuable insights for biopharmaceutical scientists, lab directors, IT professionals, and life science vendors who want to learn:

  • How an open network of life-science vendors accelerates scientific outcomes
  • Before and after impact on scientific workflows, such as protein purification and cell profiling by flow cytometry
  • The cloud and data engineering technologies that enable data liquidity independent of instrument modality
  • How life science vendors are replatforming, moving from a closed to open ecosystem model focused on maximizing the value of scientific data
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