New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists Podcast

January 18, 2021

Marshall Brennan, Scientific Director at SLAS, chats with Mike Tarselli about his birth on a planet far, far away to his rise as Chief Scientific Officer at TetraScience (a SLAS2021 Innovation AveNEW company). Mike discusses his winding journey starting as a pre-med major and eventually careening to his final path - a Ph.D. in Chemistry and the battle scars accumulated from the arduous path to completion. And then hitting the Great Recession!

Mike shares his thoughts on the challenge of “Big Data” in life science R&D, from data generation, management, all the way to visualization, and what organizations at the forefront of discovery seek to gain from implementing holistic approaches to data automation. TetraScience, and the Tetra R&D Data Cloud, covers the full lifecycle of R&D data: from acquisition to harmonization, engineering, and downstream analysis with native support for state-of-the-art data science tools.

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