CxO Collaboration

Optimize CxO collaboration

Discover how to drive superior collaboration with contract organizations


faster data preparation and analysis

4,000 hours

per year reallocated

AI-native data

for predictive modeling

Automated processes

Gather and standardize data automatically, boosting speed and data quality

Centralized, enriched data

Access results immediately with highly searchable data in the cloud

Ready for AI

Use advanced analytics and AI to improve R&D, QA/QC, and manufacturing

Labor-intensive processes

Manual cleansing and handling of heterogeneous data is slow and error prone

Lack of context

Without metadata, CxO data is difficult to find and analyze

Dead-end data sets

Data architecture is unfit for AI/ML, limiting its value and reuse

Unlock the full value of your CxO data


Aggregate heterogeneous CxO data in the cloud


Explore data with visualization and analytics tools for insights


Contextualize and harmonize the data for search and analytics/AI


Use AI/ML to predict drug performance or optimize downstream processes

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Automated, harmonized CRO data drives cost-effective collaboration

Discover how TetraScience streamlined CRO data exchange for two clinical-stage biopharma companies. The solution saved time, reduced complexity, and accelerated insights.