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Productized, validation-ready integrations to connect your entire end-to-end scientific data lifecycle

Integrate with instruments, lab informatics, visualizations, analytics applications, and more

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ connects all instrument and application integrations, providing a connected ecosystem of all scientific data. Future-proof your digital lab from discovery to manufacturing and add new technologies through an ever-increasing set of proven, productized integrations.

Only Tetra Integrations:

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Collect data through an ever-increasing set of proven, productized integrations supported and maintained by TetraScience

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Connect data from different instruments and applications, vendors and proprietary formats

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Centralize data from all sources in the cloud and send them to any targets, eliminating fragile point-to-point connections

Data producers

Collect data from all of your data sources:

  • Laboratory instruments, including IoT (internet of things), sensors, and file-based instruments (e.g. spectrometers)
  • Complex software, such as Chromatographic Data Systems (CDS)
  • Informatics applications, like Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Data consumers

Send scientific data to your targets:

  • Visualization and analytics software
  • Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) tools
  • Informatics applications, including ELNs
  • Instrument software
  • Data lakes and data warehouses

Analytics and visualizations

The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) also provides access to scientific data through its programmatic REST API and SQL query interface. You will be able to use your data with the visualization and analytics tools of your choice as well as any data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications.

Tetra Integrations

Examples per category, non-exhaustive list
File based instruments
  • Agilent BioTek Gen 5 Imaging Software
  • ThermoFisher Scientific XcaliburTM 
  • Waters MassLynx MS Software
  • PerkinElmer® EnVision® Plate Reader
  • Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL Cell Counter
  • Unchained Labs Big Tuna Buffer Exchange Platform
  • BMG LABTECH Microplate Reader
Informatics applications
  • Benchling Notebook
  • PerkinElmer Signals Notebook
  • IDBS E-Workbook
  • Dotmatics ELN
  • Dotmatics Entity Registration
  • LabWare LIMS
  • LabVantage LIMS
Instruments/control software
  • Cytiva UNICORNTM Control Software
  • ThermoFisher Scientific ChromeleonTM CDS
  • Waters EmpowerTM CDS
  • Mettler Toledo LabX
  • AGU Sm@rtLine Data Cockpit
  • HighRes Biosolutions Cellario
Simple instruments (IoT)
SaaS applications
  • Box SaaS Platform
  • Egnyte
  • Kepware KEPServerEX
  • Solace Message Queue

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