How the cloud and AI are transforming pharmaceutical quality control

May 15, 2024

A new paradigm that accelerates product releases with confidence

Today, quality control (QC) in biopharma faces several critical challenges. Due to outdated methodologies and disconnected systems, QC teams grapple with error-prone processes, data silos, and limited insight into quality trends. 

This webinar explores how a modern, cloud-based platform and laboratory information management system (LIMS) can transform QC to meet the demands of expedited product releases. We’ll discuss how purpose-engineered, large-scale, compliant, and liquid datasets enable automated workflows and analytics/AI-driven insights. Plus, we’ll show an intuitive interface that unifies quality assurance (QA) and QC to streamline critical quality processes. 

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Move from a legacy LIMS to an advanced, future-proof, and compliant LIMS in the cloud
  • Build a foundational data strategy for digital QC, enabling easier compliance and improved quality
  • Empower data-driven decision making through dashboards and AI
  • Accelerate batch release with improved right-first-time test execution
  • Reduce total cost of ownership while increasing decision speed and confidence using a holistic approach to quality 
Dr. Daniela Pedersen
Ph.D., TetraScience VP of Product Marketing
Jason Boyd
Veeva Senior Director, Vault LIMS Strategy

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