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Laboratories work with a plethora of different instruments, applications, and technologies, all of them dedicated to perform a specific task in the lab or to answer very  targeted questions. As a consequence, there are endless variations of potential data workflows to achieve common scientific outcomes in Research, Development, and Manufacturing / QC.

TetraScience supports a number of common scientific workflows that that have been proven to have a high impact for our customer and partners. These highly reusable and repeatable use cases automate data exchange from end to end.

You can leverage these use cases to prioritize and to accelerate your deployment. Scientists can stop wasting time in manual data collection, aggregation and transcription. Data accuracy and quality increases through automation. With more time and better data on hand, scientists and data scientists will be able gain insights from experiments and drive innovation.

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High throughput screening machine icon

High Throughput Screening

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Bioprocessing Purification

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QC / Batch Release

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Asset Utilization

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