SLAS2023 International Conference and Exhibition

February 25, 2023


San Diego, CA

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The SLAS2023 International Conference and Exhibition is the flagship annual conference and exhibition presented by SLAS and the must-attend event dedicated to life sciences discovery and technology.

This event will offer technology providers the opportunity to showcase their latest products and services, network and share scientific content to the diverse SLAS audience of scientists, researchers, engineers and technology professionals from around the world.

TetraScience Presentation Details

The vast amount of data generated in the lab is complex, exists in a plethora of different formats and resides in disconnected silos. Scientists need to use this data for collaboration, decision making and innovation. But how? Learn in this presentation how biopharmaceutical companies have leveraged the TetraScience cloud-native scientific data platform to automatically centralize and prepare data for analysis and to allow scientists to focus on science. Use cases include integrating 11.000 instruments in discovery, connecting more than 40 labs across QC, and processing 500.000 samples across 4 CRO streams.

Stop by Booth 324 to learn more about how TetraScience can help you transform your data to drive science. We know your time is limited, please feel free to book a meeting with us based on your availibility. We can even show you a demo if you would like. Book a meeting here