BioIT Europe

November 29, 2023



Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

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BioIT Europe is making it's 2nd addition in London this November. Stop by booth 9 at the conference to talk to us about how the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud enables scientific AI.

TetraScience Presentation Details

Wednesday, November 29th at 16:30

Track: AI for Pharma

How to make your lab AI-ready

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the means to drive and transform science. It can help lead identification in drug discovery, formulation optimization in development, smart quality control and predictive maintenance in manufacturing, and many more. Biopharmaceutical organizations are aware of the impact of AI, but the realization of its value is hampered by the data – or better the lack of it. While labs are generating vast amounts of data, it is often hard to find, difficult to access, and impossible to use for AI without significant manual efforts. In this presentation we will discuss how to bridge the gap between scientific primary data and AI-driven science. We will explain the significance of data contextualization and harmonization and show how AI-ready data can enable organizations to fully exploit the potential of AI.

Speaker: Daniela Pedersen, VP of Product Marketing, TetraScience