Paving the way to scientific data standardization

Learn what biopharma organizations gain with scientific data standardization. Our webinar — How Harmonized Scientific Data in the Cloud Will Fuel the Next Evolution of Drug Discovery — explores:

  • The state of data management in life sciences
  • How to standardize data to leverage machine learning and data science tools to accelerate and improve innovation

Benefits of standardization of data in life sciences

One of the challenges for life science organizations is to manage the scale, scope, and complexity of scientific data generated by diverse instruments, sensors, and systems. Another hurdle comes from manual data handling, which has become a burden for scientists who spend half of their time on manual extraction and transformation of data sets. Implementing and maintaining point-to-point integrations are a burden for IT.

Data harmonization has become more critical than ever. With unfettered access to data that is compliant, harmonized, liquid, and actionable in the cloud, biopharma companies improve laboratory efficiency and productivity, and can truly leverage their scientific data. This helps them bring better products to market faster, and identify new opportunities to positively impact human lives. 

How TetraScience enables harmonized data in the cloud 

TetraScience's solution collects and archives data from different sources, including instruments, informatics systems, and data science tools. Data is enriched with metadata for easy access and contextualization. TetraScience then engineers the data and converts it into a vendor-agnostic format that is harmonized and actionable. 

To make a case for scientific data in a standardized format, we show the success story of Prelude Therapeutics, which leveraged TetraScience to:

  • Save time for data aggregation
  • Screen more compounds per unit time 
  • Reduce manual errors 
  • Increase scalability and transparency across the organization

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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