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Thermo Scientific Chromeleon

Thermo Scientific's Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software delivers compliance tools, networking capabilities, instrument control, and data processing. Have an MS, IC, GC, or LC from Thermo? Chances are Chromeleon can control it. Along with over 100 similar instruments from other vendors. Combined with data analytics, report generation, and quick QA/QC tools, Chromeleon can keep your lab automation humming with less overhead.

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Why integrate Thermo Chromeleon and TetraScience?

The Tetra Data Platform seeks to unite the diverse instruments in a given lab, perfectly aligned with Chromeleon™ software. Using Chromeleon to interface with Thermo brand instruments ensures rapid, accurate data capture in the right formats. Our platform then allows users to "do more" with CDS data by easily connecting directly to downstream analysis and visualization targets like Tableau, Spotfire, or Streamlit.

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