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Waters Empower

Labs are looking for ways to get more from their Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS). The Tetra Data Platform integrates Waters Empower CDS data directly to downstream targets like Spotfire visualization. With standardized data, TetraScience enables batch control, system management, and much more.

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Why TetraScience's Empower integration?

TetraScience enables advanced analytics across your fleet of Empower-enabled instruments or across multiple Empower instances. That means you can drill into details of specific projects and runs, perform fleet-wide analytics on performance and distribution, apply advanced analytics in method development, quality control, stability studies, control charting, and other core R&D activities.

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Batch control

Query batch data across all chromatography instruments. Give access to scientists and executives on various experiments including granular detail on product, batch, and sample.

Metadata tagging

Connect downstream applications including visualization tools like Spotfire for automatic data collection, entry, and reporting. The TetraScience API makes connecting new software simple and secure.

Search and consumption

Report on all chromatography systems including those that come from different vendors and those that are on different upgrade cycles. System reports give visibility into performance and distribution.

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