ÄKTA™ and UNICORN integration

ÄKTA, a General Electric product, is designed for research-scale purification of proteins and other biomolecules. With our UNICORN integration, TetraScience makes data analysis and access easier without jeopardizing integrity or security.

🚦 Standard Workflow

AKTA / unicorn

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Data pushed automatically into your BI/Analytics

Aggregate UNICORN data into a single, standardized repository, allowing you to analyze trends with data in the tools you use

All your scientific data in one spot

TetraScience integration allows you to access UNICORN data anywhere, anytime with easy search and download.

Integrate with the software you use everyday

TetraScience allows data, log files, and chromatograms to be automatically exported into your ELN, LIMS, and other repositories.

Demo the GE AKTA integration.

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