Increase QC lab productivity and compliance

Accelerate batch release and stability testing with automated QC data workflows

Remove your quality control bottleneck

Quality Control (QC) is typically seen as a bottleneck to releasing product inventory to the customers and patients. TetraScience can help you to increase QC productivity and efficiency:

  • Eliminate manual transcription, collection, and aggregation of analytical data that is time-consuming and leads to errors and compliance issues
  • Minimize review time with full traceability and by eliminating second scientist review due to automated flow of data from instrument to ELN/LIMS
  • Automatically harmonize and enrich data for easier search and trending of results across different techniques and vendors
  • Access and reuse data in any laboratory informatics applications  of your choice - today and in the future
  • Track all tests performed on samples and batches for the duration of the study
  • Trend critical quality attributes (CQAs) and specifications to identify events that are Out-of-Specification (OOS), Out-of-Trend (OOT) and  outside the expected variability of the analytical procedure (OOE) before they happen

Support your QC-related workflows and requirements

Batch release / QC

  • Make all data searchable and accessible by project, theme, or lab by creating “collections” to group experiments
  • Access complete batch data across instruments or vendor types
  • Compare data from different instruments and vendors for insights across manufacturing sites

Raw materials testing

  • Compile and compare all results of purity, identity and quality testing of your raw materials
  • Track and trace all raw material components including pharmaceutical substances, intermediates and excipients to finished products
  • Get insights into product quality across sites and easily identify and investigate OOS

Stability testing

  • Support ICH and Annex 5 relevant real-time stability testing, intermediate studies, and accelerated stability testing for shelf-life determination
  • Access and aggregate data from chemical, physical tests, microbiological limits, and preservative effectiveness testing
  • Track and trend the results to  identify potential shelf life limitations before the endpoint of testing
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Data traceability and integrity

  • Ensure accuracy, completeness, quality, and traceability of all data through  comprehensive audit trails and support adherence to ALCOA+ principles
  • Access all information about when, where, and how a sample was run, including timestamps and instrumental metadata
  • Rely on data security through secure cloud-based storage

Manual steps are error-prone and slow down batch release and stability testing

Optimized, automated processes accelerate batch release and stability testing


Centralized, harmonized data helps companies automate workflows and reduce manual labor, achieve consumables cost savings, and streamline reporting between functions

Unlocking insight: chromatography data

Global pharmaceutical companies are partnering with TetraScience to unify, harmonize, and analyze the large volumes of chromatography data. Learn more about how a Top 15 Global Biopharma use Tetra Scientific Data Cloud to track system suitability, column lifetime, and API shelf life from a single software system.

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