Automate Your Data Flow to Increase Throughput

Eliminate manual steps from the Design/Make/Test/Analyze Loop for higher efficiency with lower risk

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Take the first step toward accelerating drug discovery

Tetra Data Platform (TDP) connects the instruments and software systems needed to conduct HTS, eliminating manual data entry and processing, reducing errors, and ultimately increasing throughput to accelerate drug discovery.

Transform HTS data flow

Compound Registration

Eliminate manual data transfer during compound registration. TDP automatically detects new or modified compounds in your registration system and sends them to your inventory management system. Data is also made available to query via RESTful API in the Tetra Data Lake.

Assay Readout

Securely automate instrument data transfer to the cloud. TDP detects raw instrument files produced by liquid handlers and plate readers and moves these files to the Tetra Data Lake, triggering pipelines to parse, merge and push data to your ELN.

Automatically calculate IC50 subscripts and create visualizations to share downstream.

Data Science and Analytics

Query, visualize, and analyze centralized and harmonized HTS data using your existing data science and analytics tools. With time saved on manual data entry and engineering, your team can focus on valuable analyses such as deriving insights to develop more efficient HTS assays, designing more active compounds, and accelerating the drug discovery process.

Data automation across the HTS process

Learn how you can accelerate and improve scientific outcomes with the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud.

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