Solve Your Bioprocess Data Bottlenecks

Move, transform, and harmonize data as it moves through bioprocess workflows

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Automate and manage bioprocess data through its whole lifecycle

Whether your team is looking to scale up a model system for cell biology, search for small molecules in unknown samples, valorize some raw cellulosics, or engineer antibody therapies to conquer cancer, TetraScience can help solve your bioprocess data bottlenecks.

Tetra Data Platform accelerates bioprocess workflows by automating and harmonizing upstream, downstream, online, offline and at-line data. TetraScience makes it easy for scientists to explore and analyze aliquots, samples, and QC runs using built-in instrumental connectors paired with leading analytics and visualization software.

Built for enterprise

Accelerate process development using cloud-native data infrastructure to acquire and harmonize data in real-time and measure success with support for best-of-breed data analytics and data science tools to unlock the power of unified bioprocess results.

Design & Setup

Connect typical upstream instrumentation like cell sorters, qPCR, or plate readers to quickly move from model systems to production.


Sample as little or as much as you need. Automate in-process controls, reporting, and data analysis by integrating key systems.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Streamline downstream purification and confirm resulting purity with instrument integrations like LC-MS, GC, and flow cytometry. Produce stellar reports through analysis packages like R, Matlab, or Spotfire.

Automated Change Detection

Access your final results from any global site or lab, on your cloud or ours. Facilitate collaboration on emerging health threats, like vaccine production for pandemics.

Using the TetraScience self-service data science application, our scientists can identify best purification strategies, scout flow rates, or conduct system suitability tests in no time.

Eric, Global IT Director
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Expediting Alexion’s Rare Disease Protein Therapeutics Pipeline

Development scientists at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, a global pharmaceutical company delivering transformative treatments for rare diseases, have leveraged Tetra Data Platform to optimize protein purification processes by expediting manual data input and automating time-consuming instrumental processes. Read our case study to learn more about Alexion's results.

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Enterprise features for your digital lab

Data Harmonization

Programmatically transform your experimental data into easily ingestible formats for downstream data science and big data analytics (JSON and Parquet). Add pipelines to automate repeatable analysis and design your own data catalogues.

Metadata Tagging

Centrally manage and automate metadata tagging to conform with your organization’s ontology and controlled vocabulary, and enable users to find data via native search and query functionality.

Search and Consumption

Our tools help you easily navigate all your scientific data. Explore data on-the-fly directly within the TetraScience Data Lake using Elasticsearch and SQL queries. Enable seamless access to data and trace lineage through TetraScience application programming interfaces (APIs).

Learn how you can accelerate and improve scientific outcomes with the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud.

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