Data-Driven Lab Operations

Optimize your lab operations with insights into asset utilization

Optimize your laboratory operations

Laboratory operations are considered expensive, significantly contributing to the overall increasing costs for therapeutics development. A lack of oversight of the usage of laboratory equipment – which is often expensive and in high demand - results in suboptimal lab productivity, unplanned instrument downtime, and unnecessary CAPEX spending.

With TetraScience, you can get insights on a day-to-day basis into how often instruments are used, their location, who used them for which activity, and when. Getting this visibility into instrument utilization in real-time on a regular basis helps optimize instrument usage and performance, conduct instrument maintenance in a predictive manner, and make data-driven decisions on the systems that generate your most precious asset: data.

Built for enterprise life sciences workflows


Connect to any lab instrument independently of the technology or vendor. Standardize and centralize data to monitor usage of any lab instrument or sensor.

Accelerate Research


Modern user interface with flexible options for data applications and building dashboards with your tool of choice to view instrument utilization and alerts when operating limits have been exceeded.


Adapt your deployment to any size and ingest any data set, from any instrument, at any scale from individual labs to large enterprise-scale networks.

Intelligent Instrument Management

  • Leverage the data of your lab equipment to get insights into instrument performance, thereby opening up the possibility to enact predictive maintenance measures and prevent instrument failures before they happen.
  • Gain insight into instrument utilization, uptime, consumables usage, common instrument parameters, and run time to inform purchasing decisions and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enrich experimental data with instrument information for better understanding of experiments, method performance, product performance, and regulatory compliance.

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