Customer Success

A customer-centric culture

Accelerate the success for every TetraScience customer

TetraScience Customer Success’ purpose is to ensure you get transformational value from the Scientific Data CloudTM

Accelerate Research

Optimize Your Science

Customer Success is our commitment to maximize value of your scientific data

Realize Value Faster

Access to TetraScience’s roadmap, experts and Tetra Partner Network vendors

Maximize Utilization

Leverage eLearning and documentation specific to your science

Delighting customers

Maximizing the value of scientific data is not easy and you need a partner that is completely committed to your ongoing success.  Every TetraScience customer has a Customer Success Manager who will provide guidance, enablement and best practices to set your team up for long term success.  Our customer success team knows your science, the outcomes you desire and what it takes to  achieve those outcomes.

Our Customer Success team includes scientists and technologists who will be your advocate inside TetraScience and the wider community.   Your Customer Success Manager will look across your Scientific Data Cloud implementation and proactively guide you to fast value realization with quarterly business value assessments

At TetraScience we simply love seeing our customers use our platform to multiply the value of their scientific data.  As we work with customers across the globe we have a deep commitment to ensure they use our products as effectively as possible.  The most exciting part of any deployment is seeing the delight on scientists faces when a workflow is automated and new insights are created using Tetra Data.

Simon Meffan-Main, Chief Customer Officer, TetraScience

Customer confidence

You can count on the TetraScience Customer Success to get you running at full speed towards your scientific outcomes:

Strategy and value roadmap

Every customer gets a strategic 18-month value realization roadmap showing how to maximize scientific insights from their data.

Training and adoption

Our Learning Management System is continuously updated for efficient onboarding of  users and scientific workflows.

Trusted advisor

Customer Success as your central point of contact ensures that customers have access to all of  TetraScience’s offerings.

Customer advocate

Champion your futures needs in TetraScience’s product roadmap

Support management

Get rapid resolutions to any questions you have.  

Tetra Partner Network vendor engagement

Provide executive access to partners.