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Treat R&D data as your core asset

Tetra R&D Data Cloud treats R&D data as your core asset, delivering advanced data-centric capabilities to automate the full life cycle of R&D data. Our open, configurable, API-driven, and vendor-agnostic data cloud gives global life sciences companies the freedom of choice to connect their existing heterogeneous systems and best-of-breed data solutions, while replatforming to the cloud.

Tetra R&D Data Cloud Components

Tetra Data Platform

  • Vendor-agnostic, data-centric platform covering the full life cycle of data acquisition, harmonization, AI/ML/enrichment and collaboration.
  • Accelerates innovation by unifying siloed R&D data, with state-of-the-art data exploration and data science capabilities.
  • Leverages cloud infrastructure natively, giving enterprises unprecedented elasticity for storage and processing without IT overhead.

Tetra Partner Network

  • The largest network of instruments, informatics applications, CRO/CDMOs, analytics and data science software partners, driving a feedback loop of innovation.
  • Open philosophy future-proofs your Data Cloud investment, as you evolve and enhance your R&D ecosystem.

Data Science

  • Our world-class team combines a deep understanding of life sciences R&D with cloud-native mindsets and data science expertise.
  • Native platform support for leading data science tools and custom configurations.
  • Supercharged by our library of templates, models, pre-built pipelines and more, driven by the leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Data Applications

  • Rapidly prototype, build, test, deploy and scale custom data applications.
  • Benefit from a growing number of bundled applications created by TetraScience and network partners.

Tetra Data Platform

Data Acquisition
Data Harmonization
Data Engineering and Integration
Data Management and Collaboration
Data Science in the Cloud

Built for Enterprise

TetraScience proudly serves 15 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical and
life sciences companies.
Dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership and increase business agility by leveraging productized connectivity and innovation from the Tetra Partner Network.
Protect your most valuable asset, your R&D data, with enterprise-grade control, compliance, and security.

Tetra R&D Data Cloud

  • Over 160 integrations with leading instruments, informatics applications, and CRO/CDMOs.
  • Gain 70% more time for your data scientists and scientists by automating  data collection, harmonization, processing and preparation.
  • Maintain full control over your data with TetraScience’s cloud-native open platform, your data can live in your enterprise AWS account, harmonized and organized. No more proprietary vendor formats and locked-in data silos.
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Learn how you can accelerate and improve scientific outcomes with the Tetra R&D Data Cloud.

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