November 29, 2022

Virscidian Joins the Tetra Partner Network to Accelerate Scientific Insights and Outcomes in Data-Intensive, Complex Analytical Workflows

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BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 29, 2022 -- /PRNewswire/ – TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, announced today that Virscidian, provider of analytical processing software, has joined the Tetra Partner Network to help customers automate and accelerate workflows in biopharmaceutical research and  development by utilizing the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™.

“Virscidian has built a range of tools that enhance method development, and automate the review and interpretation of scientific data in medicinal and process chemistry which are used in labs throughout the world,” said Simon Meffan-Main, Ph.D., VP, Tetra Partner Network. “Combining their automated data processing solutions with vendor agnostic Tetra Data will allow our joint customers to dramatically increase throughput and make faster, better decisions.”

Virscidian’s scientific analytical desktop and enterprise software helps customers, independently of the vendor instrumentation, automate reaction screening, end-to-end purification, Affinity Selection by Mass Spectrometry, compound quality control, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics and other high throughput analytical techniques.  Their solutions turn raw data into actionable intelligence that improves productivity and the quality of results, enabling chemists and project teams to make complex decisions from large amounts of data with confidence in the results.  Their solutions are easily integrated and provide the critical decisions to drive some most sophisticated automation platforms in the world.

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud is an open platform designed to centralize scientific data and engineer it into Tetra Data - a universally adoptable data format.  Tetra Data accelerates scientific workflows at scale, regardless of the complexity of the data. The Tetra Partner Network enables any vendor to replatform their scientific data such that it becomes liquid and actionable.

“We are delighted to join the Tetra Partner Network so that customers can benefit from engineered data at scale within mission-critical workflows,” said Joseph Simpkins, CEO, Virscidian. “This partnership will help drive better scientific outcomes more rapidly and deliver greater confidence in results.”

“The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built industry data cloud optimized to accelerate and improve scientific outcomes. We’re closely collaborating with the world’s most innovative biopharma companies, scientific vendors, and leading technology companies to fundamentally transform customer outcomes,” said Patrick Grady, TetraScience Chairman and CEO. “By joining the Tetra Partner Network, Virscidian helps the life sciences industry accelerate discoveries that can help improve lives.”

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the Scientific Data Cloud company with a mission to accelerate scientific discovery and improve and extend human life. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ is the only open, cloud-native platform purpose-built for science that connects lab instruments, informatics software, and data apps across the biopharma value chain and delivers the foundation of harmonized, actionable scientific data necessary to transform raw data into accelerated and improved scientific outcomes. Through the Tetra Partner Network, market-leading vendors access the power of our cloud to help customers maximize the value of their data. For more information, please visit

About Virscidian

Virscidian is a privately owned software company helping to accelerate chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Drug Discovery Workflows. Our mission is to transform chromatographic and mass spectrometric raw data into its digital form enabling automated results interpretation, actionable decisions, rapidly, reliably, robustly, that confidently drives measurable efficiency and productivity. Our production workflows span all stages of drug discovery from synthetic reaction design and screening, purification, compound management screening, Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry, qualitative and quantitative MS driven bio-assay screening. For more information visit us at or contact us at

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