April 23, 2024

TetraScience Unveils the Tetra Data and AI Workspace, Revolutionizing End-to-End Dataflow Automation and Advancing Scientific AI

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BOSTON, Mass., April 23, 2024 - TetraScience announced today a groundbreaking addition to its Scientific Data and AI Cloud. The newly introduced Tetra Data and AI Workspace provides a radically enhanced user experience for analyzing scientific data, expediting the research and development of crucial therapeutics via Scientific AI.

“One of the major paradigm shifts in the era of AI for scientific data management and analysis is the transition from a disjointed data and analysis experience to a world where data and analysis are co-located”, says Spin Wang, Co-founder and CTO, TetraScience. “In the upcoming weeks and months, we will be unveiling numerous partner applications and Scientific AI use cases through the Tetra Data and AI Workspace where customers can tangibly see the value unlocked from Scientific AI and replatformed or engineered scientific data.”

“Until today, scientists have relied on cumbersome methods to move data from instrument software to analytics applications, which slows down the process of making scientific decisions that eventually can lead to life-changing outcomes,” says Simon Meffan-Main, Chief Customer Officer, TetraScience. “To be more productive, scientists need an integrated, automated workflow that collects and engineers data prior to making it available for scientific applications and the latest AI tools. Now TetraScience provides the Tetra Data and AI Workspace, which creates this single pane of glass for the first time, saving up to 70 percent of a scientist's time.”

The Tetra Data and AI Workspace will leverage capabilities of the Tetra Scientific Data and AI CloudTM to colocate centralized and precisely engineered scientific data with a growing number of leading third-party data science and scientific applications. Doing so will provide a streamlined, efficient, and transcription-error free path to the visualization and analysis of scientific data, accelerating time to insight and decision making. 

Users now have the ability to swiftly build, test, and launch data applications and incorporate their existing tools within a single framework. The Tetra Data and AI Workspace facilitates two distinct models: embedded data applications, hosted within the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud, and linked data applications, hosted externally. This provides customers and partners with unprecedented flexibility in building a single workspace for scientists to interact with their scientific data. 

“The Tetra Data and AI Workspace stands as a testament to user-driven innovation,” emphasizes Alan Millar, Vice President of Tetra Partner Network. “TetraScience is delighted to collaborate closely with leading data application and life science analysis vendors to operationalize the specific workflows prioritized by our customers.”

The Tetra Data and AI Workspace, which makes data applications and scientific AI models available to the entire TetraScience user community or specific user cohorts, is available for customers today. In future releases, the Tetra Data and AI Workspace will also support AI/ML models developed by third-party scientific vendors, TetraScience, or customers themselves.

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the Scientific Data and AI Cloud company with a mission to radically improve and extend human life. TetraScience combines the world's only open, purpose-built, and collaborative scientific data and AI cloud with deep scientific expertise across the value chain to accelerate and improve scientific outcomes. TetraScience is catalyzing the Scientific AI revolution by designing and industrializing AI-native scientific datasets, which it brings to life in a growing suite of next-generation lab data management products, scientific use cases, and AI-based outcomes. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

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