March 14, 2023

TetraScience Partners with Veeva to Modernize Quality Control

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BOSTON, Mass., March 14, 2023  – TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, announced a new partnership with Veeva Systems, the global leader in cloud software for the life sciences industry. As part of the partnership, TetraScience will deliver an integration between its Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™, a platform that engineers scientific data from laboratory instruments and applications, making it liquid and actionable, and Veeva Vault LIMS, a cloud-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) that streamlines sample tracking, test execution, and lab processes. The integration will allow joint customers to combine advanced quality control software with scientific data to maximize lab productivity, increase accuracy and reliability, and speed batch release. 

“We’re proud to partner with the industry leader in cloud-based quality solutions to help companies accelerate the release of medicines and treatments,” said Alan Millar, Ph.D., VP, Tetra Partner Network. “By combining our expertise, customers will benefit from an entirely new and modern way to achieve data-driven outcomes such as real-time batch release and anomaly detection.”

Using TetraScience’s solution for rapidly integrating instrument and scientific data with Vault LIMS, part of Veeva’s unified quality platform for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), will help simplify key manufacturing lab processes. Customers can access real-time lab analytical data and use it in context with QC for more informed decision-making while confidently meeting regulatory requirements.

“Bringing together scientific data and quality control can advance manufacturing labs by eliminating the need to build and maintain costly point-to-point or single-use interfaces,” said Jason Boyd, senior director, Veeva Vault LIMS strategy. “This is a positive step in modernizing quality control to improve data integrity and accelerate analysis and execution.”

“We admire Veeva’s leadership in embracing the need for a more connected quality control ecosystem where data moves through the analytical laboratory and pharmaceutical value chain without constraints,” says Patrick Grady, CEO of TetraScience. “By partnering with Veeva, we can redefine what’s possible and produce unparalleled value to customers seeking unrestricted scientific insights and outcomes.” 

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TetraScience is the Scientific Data Cloud company with a mission to accelerate scientific discovery and improve and extend human life. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ is the only open, cloud-native platform purpose-built for science that connects lab instruments, informatics software, and data apps across the biopharma value chain and delivers the foundation of harmonized, actionable scientific data necessary to transform raw data into accelerated and improved scientific outcomes. Through the Tetra Partner Network, market-leading vendors access the power of our cloud to help customers maximize the value of their data. For more information, please visit

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