April 9, 2024

TetraScience shifts the paradigm of scientific data management and analysis with Tetra Data Platform v4.0

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BOSTON, Mass., April 9th, 2024 – TetraScience, the Scientific Data and AI Cloud company, today announced the release of version 4.0 of the Tetra Data Platform, the foundation of the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud™. This new release represents a paradigm shift for customers looking to move beyond traditional lab connectivity and scientific data management to establish a foundation for analytics and Scientific AI.

“Global biopharmaceutical organizations are approaching us because their current systems cannot keep up with the demands of modern data analytics, machine learning, and generative AI tools,” says Siping “Spin” Wang, founder, president, and CTO of TetraScience. “Under the traditional application, instrument, and endpoint-centric approach to data management, customers cannot leverage their data for scientific insights and data-driven decision making in the era of Scientific AI.”

A new Tetra Data Workspace feature provides co-location for data and analysis applications, increasing efficiency and scientific productivity throughout organizations. “To be more productive, scientists need an integrated, automated workflow with direct access to scientific data and applications,” says Simon Meffan-Main, Chief Customer Officer, TetraScience. “For the first time, users get this single pane of glass, saving up to 70 percent of their time.”

The new release establishes a framework for advanced Lakehouse cloud data storage that incorporates the best features of data warehouse and data lake architectures. It includes access to the largest and fastest-growing library of purpose-built data integrations and data schemas. The release also introduces reactive data automation that can be triggered by activities and events, and low-code Python pipeline configurations for easy data movement and transformation. 

“Combined, these capabilities will change the way scientists, data scientists, and data engineers can interact with scientific data,” states Naveen Kondapalli, SVP Products & Engineering. “They augment the user experience, while also providing the most advanced environment to future-proof their valuable scientific data for use with insightful tools, from proven analytics to in silico models, across the organization.”

Overall, customers will achieve unrivaled readiness for Scientific AI and advanced analytics using once-inaccessible scientific data, thereby accelerating and improving scientific outcomes.

To learn more about the new Tetra Data Platform v4.0, please read the full release notes: https://developers.tetrascience.com/docs/tdp-v400-release-notes

Current TetraScience customers will be contacted by their customer success manager with details on upgrade schedules.

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the Scientific Data and AI Cloud company with a mission to radically improve and extend human life. TetraScience combines the world's only open, purpose-built, and collaborative scientific data and AI cloud with deep scientific expertise across the value chain to accelerate and improve scientific outcomes. TetraScience is catalyzing the Scientific AI revolution by designing and industrializing AI-native scientific data sets, which it brings to life in a growing suite of next-generation lab data management products, scientific use cases, and AI-based outcomes. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

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