April 20, 2022

RockStep Solutions Joins the Tetra Partner Network to Accelerate Digital in vivo Drug Discovery

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BOSTON, Mass., April 20, 2022 -- /PRNewswire/ -- TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced today that RockStep Solutions, a leading provider of research management software designed for high throughput in vivo drug discovery, has joined the Tetra Partner Network to help pharmaceutical customers meet stringent scientific data requirements with greater velocity when identifying potential biochemical pathways that might serve as targets to cure or mitigate disease.

“RockStep is pioneering a powerful, cloud-native solution to the rigorous data requirements of in vivo research, which is essential for drug discovery and achieving Investigational New Drug (IND) approval from the FDA,” said Alan Millar, Ph.D., Vice President, Tetra Partner Network. “We are thrilled to partner with them. By combining our strengths, we can help customers speed their ability to analyze the complex and highly regulated data sets necessary to create new drugs and therapeutics.”

RockStep’s Climb 2.0 LIMS software helps customers achieve operational consistency and data management and supports protocols that need to be designed and conducted with high degrees of precision and recorded for future replication and data validation experiments. The software carefully tracks time and process-sensitive tasks with a complete chain of custody and audit trails covering all operations. The Tetra R&D Data cloud produces Tetra Data, which is an engineered, universally adoptable data model that is comprehensive, containing raw data, processed results, and context. By combining Tetra Data with RockStep’s Climb 2.0, customers can scale their in vivo research.

“By partnering with TetraScience, we are able to magnify the scope of RockStep’s solutions to our customers,” said Chuck Donnelly, CEO and Co-Founder, RockStep. “We’re thrilled to accelerate scientific data outcomes with this partnership and more easily support increasing customer demand for collaboration between specialized teams throughout the development pipeline.”

“Every partner added to the Tetra Partner Network creates value for customers,” explained Patrick Grady, TetraScience Chairman and CEO. “As partners and customers continue to accelerate adoption of our open platform, the entire life sciences industry works in lockstep, eliminating data silos and delivering unrestricted scientific data innovation.”

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the R&D Data Cloud company with a mission to transform life sciences R&D, accelerate discovery, and improve and extend human life. The Tetra R&D Data Cloud provides life sciences companies with the flexibility, scalability, and data-centric capabilities to enable easy access to centralized, harmonized, and actionable scientific data and is actively deployed across enterprise pharma and biotech organizations. As an open platform, TetraScience has built the largest integration network of lab instruments, informatics applications, CRO/CDMOs, analytics, and data science partners, creating seamless interoperability and an innovation feedback loop that will drive the future of life sciences R&D. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

About RockStep

RockStep Solutions is transforming in vivo drug discovery with our comprehensive native-cloud research management platform, Climb. Developed with backing from the NIH, technical guidance from a Nobel Laureate at UCSF, and a world-class team of pharma experts, Climb was designed to address the specific challenges of in vivo research. Climb can manage all aspects of in vivo drug discovery; from study design to the vivarium, lab workflows, and sample tracking. Climb is configurable for any research area and provides global infrastructure to easily scale from small biotechs to global pharmaceutical companies. With a multinational customer base, Climb is now recognized as a best-in-class solution for in vivo drug discovery.

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Chief Marketing Officer, TetraScience
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Rachel Morgan
Director of Marketing, RockStep Solutions
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