July 11, 2023

Certara and TetraScience Partner to Enhance Drug Discovery and Development Through Data-driven Insights

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BOSTON, Mass., July 11, 2023 - TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, today announced a partnership with Certara, a leading provider of biosimulation and scientific informatics software, to expedite drug discovery and development through data-driven insights.

“TetraScience is re-platforming scientific data to the cloud, engineering it to be liquid and actionable - a fundamental prerequisite to realizing the potential of advanced analytics and AI/ML,” said Alan Millar, Ph.D., VP, Tetra Partner Network. “Certara's world-class scientific informatics solutions use that precisely engineered data to drive data-driven research, resulting in increased efficiencies and innovations across drug discovery and development.”

Certara’s D360(™) provides self-service data access, data visualization and research collaboration that enables scientists to improve the utilization of scientific data in drug discovery projects and to improve research consistency and effectiveness. Applicable across research projects for all medicinally relevant modalities, D360 is used by over 7,000 research scientists worldwide, from top 10 pharmaceutical companies to startups, enabling companies to improve data utilization and optimize design-make-test-analyze cycles with low total cost of ownership.

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ centralizes data from thousands of sources and engineers the data to a vendor-agnostic format that is harmonized, compliant, liquid, and actionable (known as Tetra Data). By centralizing and engineering scientific data into a universally adoptable format, scientists can easily automate workflows and perform advanced analytics, resulting in new insights and increased productivity. Through the partnership between Certara and TetraScience, the consolidation of scientific data into a single location enables scientists to leverage the power of Tetra Data within D360, facilitating a more robust and performant analysis environment for making informed decisions. This capability has become of paramount importance with the increasing use of SaaS data capture systems from multiple vendors.

“Our partnership with TetraScience allows us to vastly improve access to and analysis of data,” said Leif E. Pedersen, President, Software, Certara. “We’re delighted to combine strengths so that together we can help biopharmaceutical companies accelerate drug development. As the industry moves to the cloud, customers will be able to capitalize on the value and impact of scientific data regardless of the format of the data captured, which will reduce the time and costs associated with discovering and developing new life-saving therapeutics.”

“Helping customers maximize the value of scientific data is simply not possible without a collaborative, industry-wide network of leading vendors,” said Patrick Grady, Chairman and CEO of TetraScience. “It is a privilege to welcome Certara to the Tetra Partner Network. Our joint commitment to unrestricted scientific data will help power the next generation of scientific breakthroughs. Together, we can create the foundation for delivering better therapeutics faster, and thereby solve humanity's greatest challenges.”

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the Scientific Data Cloud company with a mission to accelerate scientific discovery and improve and extend human life. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud(™) is the only open, cloud-native platform purpose-built for science that connects lab instruments, informatics software, and data apps across the biopharma value chain and delivers the foundation of harmonized, actionable scientific data necessary to transform raw data into accelerated and improved scientific outcomes. Through the Tetra Partner Network, market-leading vendors access the power of our cloud to help customers maximize the value of their data. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

About Certara

Certara accelerates medicines using proprietary biosimulation software, technology, and services to transform traditional drug discovery and development. Its clients include more than 2,000 biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies across 62 countries. Visit us at www.certara.com.

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