December 11, 2018

Allotrope Selects TetraScience as Strategic Partner

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Allotrope Selects TetraScience as Strategic Partner for Data Transformation of Waters Empower™ 3 Software into the Allotrope Data Format

BOSTON, MA, December 11 2018 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Allotrope Foundation, an international consortium of fourteen global biopharmaceutical companies, has selected TetraScience as their technology partner to standardize chromatography data captured by Waters Empower™ 3 Software through conversion to the Allotrope Data Format (ADF) for an Allotrope Community Project. Empower is Waters Corporation premier chromatography data system (CDS) with thousands of customers across the globe.

TetraScience, working with Waters, will leverage its flagship Data Integration Platform to increase data utility through standardization of chromatographic data and associated metadata.  "We are very excited to partner with Allotrope Foundation and its member companies to create an Empower ADF converter," said Spin Wang, CoCEO, COO and co-founder of TetraScience. "With the increasing diversity and complexity of data, building an ecosystem within the Allotrope Partner Network (APN) addresses the industry's need to automate the standardization and centralization of scientific data."

Dana Vanderwall, Chair of the Allotrope Foundation Board of Directors said, "The ADF is an extensible instrument, technique, vendor and platform agnostic standard for data and metadata, and is the first file format that integrates semantic standards and capabilities with the data storage.  The benefits of adopting the Allotrope Framework, with the ADF, include easier data sharing and integration, improved data integrity, and freedom from the dependencies on obsolescent software and formats".  On the selection for the latest project Dr. Vanderwall added, "The team at TetraScience has been an active partner in the Allotrope ecosystem and have made numerous contributions to the technical efforts to extend the Framework and collaborate to facilitate adoption efforts within the ecosystem.  They've also demonstrated a high degree of agility and creativity in developing solutions on their cloud-based platform that enable the adoption of the ADF from a wide array of instrument types in our lab informatics environments and facilitate data integration."

Through TetraScience's integration with Waters, Allotrope Foundation members aim to offer those scientists faster and broader access to Empower data, thereby unlocking new insights from a scientific and operational perspective.

Steve Smith, Vice President for Waters Informatics stated, "Users are demanding greater levels of fluidity from their analytical data and using application programming interface (API) technologies, open data standards and partners like TetraScience, can potentially help users create data lakes and unlock the power of big data."

TetraScience offers a scalable solution to enable the Allotrope Foundation community and all Empower users to realize these benefits of the solution, regardless of company size or focus.

About Allotrope

Allotrope Foundation, an international consortium of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, developed the Allotrope Framework, a suite of software tools that allow software developers to implement a consistent set of data standards into the software that laboratories use to manage their workflows and data. A component of the Allotrope Framework, the Allotrope Data Format (ADF) is a family of vendor and platform agnostic specifications designed to standardize the collection, exchange, and storage of the analytical data captured in laboratory workflows.

About TetraScience

TetraScience is a Data Integration and Insights Platform for the Life Sciences. With TetraScience, laboratories connect critical information sources from instruments and lab systems to a cloud-based data platform. Data is centralized and standardized and available to downstream targets resulting in improved data management and streamlined process.

In addition, TetraScience builds lab operation applications including experiment and instrument monitoring via IoT technology and lab scheduling software. Their technology helps life science companies advance discovery through insights into lab operations and comprehensive data integration.

Media Contact

David Van Everen

VP of Marketing, TetraScience


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