June 23, 2020

AGU and TetraScience Partner to Provide R&D, Production Labs with Best-in-class BIO-API Data Solution in the Cloud

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LEVERKUSEN, Germany and BOSTON, June 23 2020 --/PRNewswire/ -- AGU Planungsgesellschaft mbH and TetraScience, Inc. announce a new partnership to integrate their flagship products to automatically collect and unify R&D data in life sciences. The integration connects the bioprocessing data collected by AGU's Sm@rtline Data Cockpit (SDC) with TetraScience's R&D data cloud platform and network. With this agreement, TetraScience expands its portfolio of data connectors to include all analyzers integrated with the SDC platform, and AGU extends its SDC solution to connect Contract Organization (CRO/CDMO) data and instrument data from other R&D processes, as well as to integrate SDC data to state-of-the-art data science and analytics toolings. This integration is immediately available for biopharma companies based in Europe and the US.

"We are excited to partner with AGU," shares Spin Wang, CEO, and Co-Founder of TetraScience. "With this integration, our customers unify their BIO-API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) data with the rest of their experimental data in the scientific workflow, making it accessible and preparing it for analysis with popular data science and visualization tools. We are committed to connecting every data source and target in the biopharma R&D data landscape - partnering with AGU immediately increases the number of instrument connectors we are able to offer to all of our biopharma customers."

AGU and TetraScience provide data solutions that make it easy to collect and manage R&D data. AGU's Sm@rtline Data Cockpit (SDC) platform focuses on the complex BIO-API process. TetraScience seeks to unify all biopharma R&D data in the cloud, making it actionable and accessible to ELN/LIMS, data science, and analytics. With this partnership, labs take another step towards knocking down the data silos and unifying R&D data in a central cloud platform.

"Sm@rtline Data Cockpit is a powerful middleware with a wide range of applications for the interface of analyzers to supervisory systems. SDC integrates data between LIMS, MES, DCS and the instrument sensors and analyzers. SDC automates the instrument interface, data processing and systems approval process, removing the need for lengthy paper alternatives based around manual data entry," explained Klaus Bruch, CEO of AGU. "For more than 10 years, SDC has improved quality, reduced costs, and shortened the length of discovery for many of the top Pharmaceutical companies in the world and the BIO-API industry. Together with TetraScience, AGU is excited to expand SDC's data integration to an ever-growing network of data types and sources in the cloud."

"Biopharma R&D needs to unify and harmonize experimental data in the Cloud in order to fully capitalize on the power of AI and data science. In turn, AI and data science will uncover insights that will accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics that extend and enhance human life," explains Patrick Grady, Executive Chairman of TetraScience. "While Biopharma has been slow to adopt advanced cloud capabilities, we are witnessing a surge of interest in TetraScience's open platform and network. Industry participants of all kinds – global pharmas, biotech startups, electronic lab notebook and lab information management system vendors, contract research organizations, biopharma app companies, and more – recognize that this movement to the R&D Data Cloud must be driven by a vendor-neutral partner with no allegiance beyond the data itself. We are thrilled to add SDC as a valued partner in the network."

About Sm@rtline Data Cockpit (SDC)

Sm@rtline Data Cockpit is a unique software system which enables the use of sensors and analyzers for the collection, review and approval of trial results in laboratories. The technician is no longer required to manually start and read measurements from the devices, but, rather, the measurements for these devices are reported centrally on the SDC server. The SDC currently supports over 50 types of analyzers including Cedex Bio, Cedex HiRes, Cedex Standard and Cobas technology and can also be connected to existing master systems such as LIMS, MES and DCS automation technology.

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the leading R&D Data Cloud company, making life sciences lab data truly accessible and actionable. We unify data across the Digital Lab in the cloud, putting an end to the silos and unlocking analytics. More than 80 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on our cloud-native platform and applications to automatically collect, centralize, and harmonize their experimental data, preparing it for analytics. The platform provides built-in connectivity to an increasing network of instruments, informatics, data, and analytics systems. Activate the flow of your data.

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David Van Everen

VP of Marketing, TetraScience



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