SIMPLO Dashboard for Chromatography

Explore our video series to see how the SIMPLO (stability, instrument and method performance, and lab optimization) dashboard accelerates and improves scientific outcomes.

Easily visualize chromatography data

With the SIMPLO dashboard, powered by the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud, you can easily visualize all your chromatography data.

I was watching a few of your [SIMPLO] videos - those dashboards are exactly the type of thing that we can't currently make, just because the data is siloed and Empower doesn't let us see it all.

Senior Analytical Scientist from a leading CDMO

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Executive Overview

Get an overview of our six dashboards within the application, the context for their use, and the benefits provided to the user.

System Usage Demo

Audience: lab managers and purchasing decision makers

Track the usage of all your chromatography systems, obtain a comprehensive view of fleet utilization, and make more informed decisions on capital expenditures.

Instrument Performance Demo

Audience: analysts and lab technicians

Streamline the analysis of system suitability testing and quickly identify trends from multiple injections or across multiple instruments.

Method Performance Demo

Audience: lab managers and quality control teams

Quickly identify the most common culprits of method performance issues and reduce downtime and rework, ensure data integrity, and achieve superior operating performance.

Stability Demo

Audience: quality control, formulation, and development scientists

Streamline the analysis of stability studies and focus on deriving insights from the data instead of spending time aggregating the data.

Column Utilization Demo

Audience: chromatography scientists and lab technicians

Track the history of each chromatography column in detail, ensure the right column is used for any given experiment, and retire old columns before they cause out-of-specification events.

Compliance Demo

Audience: quality control and quality assurance teams

Proactively track compliance-related information, make data-driven decisions for risk management, and prevent out-of-specification events.