Introducing Tetra Data Platform v3.3

August 11, 2022

Reduce the effort to achieve GxP compliance, increase data processing performance, and improve efficiency through an overhauled user experience.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ with the v3.3 release of Tetra Data Platform (TDP). TDP v3.3 accelerates data processing for increasing data volumes and complexity, and improves platform usability and efficiency.

Across life sciences, scientific data volume and complexity continue to explode across all stages of the drug development and delivery pipelines. Organizations need to be able to collect, process, store, and analyze their scientific data to identify trends and glean critical insights. However, they also need solutions that are compliant and will scale with their data needs.

Many organizations struggle with a few key challenges:

  • Achieving and maintaining compliance in GxP-regulated environments
  • Scaling data processing to support an ever-increasing volume and complexity
  • Enabling teams to effectively access, manage, and use critical data

TDP v3.3 introduces several new capabilities that address these challenges.

Reduced effort for GxP compliance

Since v3.3, all deployments undergo automated verification and validation testing upon each upgrade to a new TDP version, identifying regressions or functional issues. This testing regimen flags issues, reducing the window between error occurrence and detection. Problems are found and corrected faster, improving availability and reliability.

TDP v3.3 also adds the ability to log a “change reason” for user-initiated changes, including configuration, pipeline, and/or data updates. Platform developers can now require users to enter additional context for each system change. Capturing and storing these “change reasons” strengthen the audit trail capabilities within TDP.

Increased performance and scalability

TDP v3.3 accelerates data processing with up to 2.5x improvement in throughput and increases processing capacity and scalability. While much of this performance improvement comes simply by installing or upgrading to TDP v3.3, organizations can work with our Scientific Enablement experts to further tune and optimize to maximize performance.

Improved user experience for greater productivity

Improved and more intuitive user experience

This latest release provides a major user experience facelift across all areas of the platform, providing an updated and improved look and feel. New menu and navigation make moving between different features and functionality seamless. Using TDP becomes more intuitive and efficient, making it easier for teams to access and use their scientific data. With improvements to the pipeline management interface you can more easily search for, configure, manage, monitor, and review critical pipeline information.

New pipeline management interface

Additional enhancements and improvements

There are many additional improvements, enhancements, and fixes across all parts of the platform. One major area of investment has been to add new capabilities to multi-tenant deployments, ensuring users have the same features regardless of deployment type. These new capabilities include single-sign on (SSO) for improved and streamlined security and user management. Additionally, powerful new administrative capabilities make it easier to add, manage, and support users.

To learn about all of the updates and benefits provided by Tetra Data Platform v3.3, please check out the TDP v3.3 Release Notes.

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