Introducing Tetra Data Platform v3.2

The latest release of Tetra Data Platform (TDP) v3.2 provides new capabilities that provide greater data management flexibility, easier and more intuitive search, and improved governance and visibility.
March 4, 2022

Greater data processing flexibility, easier and more intuitive search, and improved governance & visibility

We are pleased to announce the new release of Tetra Data Platform (TDP) v3.2, providing a collection of new capabilities across all areas of the platform as well as improvements and enhancements to the user experience. 

Life sciences companies have a greater need than ever to use data to provide insights and direction for drug discovery. Unfortunately, these companies face several common challenges ranging from slow and manual collection and processing of data, being unable to find data scattered across disconnected silos, and difficulty maintaining clean and compliant data. These challenges directly impact an organization's productivity. 

TDP v3.2 addresses these needs through new capabilities that provide greater flexibility managing the pipelines that process data, more powerful and easier-to-use search, and improved governance and auditability. These capabilities enable organizations to achieve more with their scientific data.

Let’s explore some of these new capabilities in TDP v3.2.

Greater flexibility and scalability to manage all scientific data

With TDP v3.2, TetraScience takes a step forward towards an API-first user experience to create and configure data-processing pipelines and deploy new agents.

The new API-first capabilities allow you to create and check the status of pipelines directly from the API. You also gain the scalability and flexibility to seamlessly integrate and customize your data processing pipelines for existing business processes and workflows, reducing complexity and cost. With this programmatic pipeline configuration, it is now easier than ever to incorporate new technologies or scale existing ones.

Additionally, with the added ability to programmatically update Tetra File-Log Agent configuration JSON, teams can quickly configure and deploy new agents across the organization as well as check status and make updates to existing configurations.

Easier and more intuitive search

TDP 3.2 provides several new features that make it faster to find and access the data you need. An intuitive, full-text search allows you to find data using a query syntax similar to a familiar website search. An improved, relevance-ranked search provides the most meaningful search results right at the top of the list.

Intuitive Full-Text Search

TDP v3.2 also provides improved file exploration through saved searches and shortcuts. Retrieve data from a previous search or find critical data instantly without having to explore across the entire file path. Additionally, new file preview lets you browse files and view their content directly from the TDP search results interface without needing to download or open with a dedicated application.

Saved shortcuts make it easy to access frequently used files

Improved platform control

New system administration improvements provide greater control and flexibility to manage users, improved visibility of agents, and a self-service process to ensure data integrity across systems.

Administrators gain greater control managing user access through multi-organization support. This ability provides improved security and flexibility by allowing a set of system administrators to manage multiple projects, teams, and organizations all from within a single TDP instance. 

Occasionally, system problems happen due to a server outage or system error. While these sorts of problems are unavoidable, they don’t need to affect your data availability or integrity. With File Reprocessing, system administrators can ensure data consistency across multiple storage locations, including Amazon S3, ElasticSearch, and the TDP Fileinfo Service. This new capability allows you to detect and proactively fix search inconsistencies before they impact your users, avoiding the need for support.

Identifying and resolving data discrepancies with File Reprocessing

We also continue to enhance our audit trail capabilities with greater detail for the Tetra File-Log Agent, improving visibility for debug and diagnosis, reducing the time and support needed for audits, and strengthening 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 

Many more enhancements and improvements

Beyond these new features, TDP v3.2 comes with many new user experience improvements, enhancements, and fixes across all areas of the product. We have also begun updating the user interface, which will continue throughout future releases, making common tasks easier and more intuitive.  To learn about all of the updates and benefits provided by Tetra Data Platform v3.2, please check out the TDP v3.2 Release Notes.

Reach out today

At TetraScience, we are continually improving and adding new capabilities to provide a better user experience and achieve more from your scientific data. Please contact us to learn more.

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