Mission control for your lab

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Why Internet of Things?

Cloud-based software provides fast, flexible, and low-cost methods to collect and store data from your instruments. Researchers become more productive, while laboratories save millions of dollars thanks to the TetraScience cloud.

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Instrument Utilization

Obtain useful reporting, analytics, and intelligence on your capital equipment. Better understand instrument usage, so you can make informed decisions about new capital purchases, decrease servicing costs, and identify bottlenecks.

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Monitor your laboratory

Real-time status charts and alerts help you keep a down-to-the-second pulse on your lab, so you know when things go wrong, and if they’ve gone wrong in the past.

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Cloud software for your workflow

Whether you’re at your desk, or the other side of the country, TetraScience helps you monitor, control, and automate your experiments.

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A better way to do science

Whether you are a researcher or lab manager, your laboratory is more productive, more compliant, and more consistent with TetraScience. Leading researchers love modernizing their scientific process with us. We can help you too!


All of our data is transmitted under 128-bit SSL encryption, and secured with multi-factor authentication


Data synced contemporaneously straight from your instruments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


TetraScience is trusted by many organizations ranging from academic to pharmaceutical

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